The best way to describe Germany is to explain that I continue to revisit this amazing country over and over again finding new and fantastic areas of the country. When I think I have found an area that is my favorite another seems to be right around the corner.

Bavaria (always a favorite) with cities like:

  • ROTHENBURG - Which is a small walled in village still in its amazing medieval glory. The city is famous for its Christmas Store & Museum the Kathe Wohlfahrt Shop & Museum that is open year round. It is also fun to visit the Torture museum to see how torture was used in the middle ages. I recommend the Hotel Eisenhut with comfortable rooms and a superb breakfast. For dinner try a great German meal at Flair-Hotel Reichskuechenmeister.
  • BAYREUTH - This is the largest town in upper Franconia, and a modern commercial center and the high-tech center of the region. It's annual Richard Wagner Festival is famous worldwide, and the Richard Wagner Festival House Baroque Theater (built to his own specifications) is worthwhile to visit. Also a visit to Hermitage Park is a must. I recommend the Arvena Kongress Hotel which has large comfortable rooms. Dinner is a must at the Doetzer Restaurant.
  • ROEDENTAL - Visit the Hummel Figurine Factory in Roedental, but make certain you have our Travel Agency set this up in advance.  Each Hummel piece is hand made and hand painted. 
  • COBURG - Visit the Veste Coburg which is one of Germany's finest medieval fortresses. Another must is a visit to the Landestheater Coburg a beautiful Baroque style theater. Coburg's Bratwurst is considered one of the best in Germany so definitely partake of this sausage on fresh roll. I recommend the Hotel Tulip Inn as well as dinner at Muencher Hoffbrau featuring Bavarian Regional specialties.
  • BAMBERG - A UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its fine historic buildings with over a thousand years of history. Medieval churches and Baroque Town houses brings back the magic of the past - with no modern eyesores! Walk along the river shore to the Bamberg Cathedral and enjoy an organ recital. Stay at Hotel Residenzschloss - lunch at Restaurant Wilde Rose and dinner at Mahrs Brauen Keller for great German beer and food. If you can coincide your trip with the famous Fasching Festival (held all over Germany) it will add icing to your trip.
  • WUERZBURG - An ancient Episcopal seat and vibrant university town surrounded by vineyards, art, culture and Franconian wine. Visit Residence Wuerzburg, and the windery Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg, and also walk through the historic city center. Definitely enjoy lunch at Alte Mainmuehle.
  • ASCHAFFENBURG - King Ludwig I of Bavaria chose this town as his residence, as had electors and archbishops before him. On the banks of the Main River this lovely town is full of greens, bridges, viewpoints and promenades. Definitely visit the Pompejanum which was built during Roman times by the same builders of Pompeii. It is an actual residence exactly like those built in Pompeii during that period. Be sure to dine at Wirtshaus zum Fegerer

There are so many more areas of Germany to visit it is hard to list them all, but here is a list of a few more:

  • BERLIN - Must visit Checkpoint Charlie and where the wall was as well as some famous buildings
  • COLOGNE - In addition to the many sites in this glorious city this is where "Cologne" was and is manufactured. They will even prepare your very own cologne.
  • BLACK FOREST - Cuckoo clocks (need I say more) and wonderful villages
  • REGENSBURG - The UNESCO World Heritage City is the best preserved medieval city in Germany
  • SAXONY - Ruled by one family for 829 years, Saxony offers great history, fantastic architecture, a rich musical heritage, and some of the finest art collections in the world.

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​The following are just a few photos from Germany.

Peter A Distefano

Editor In Chief

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